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Barb Neider

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Bob Galler

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Peter Mack

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Larry Haddy

Larry was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with BBA in Accounting. Following graduation he served as an officer in the United States Army Infantry, including serving one year in Vietnam. He then attended Duke University law School and received a JD degree in 1973. Larry and Stephanie were married in 1972 and moved to Phoenix where Larry was selected to be a clerk to a federal judge for one year and then practiced law until retiring as of May 1, 2015. Larry was selected as one of the Top 50 Pro Bono Attorneys in 2004 and provided pro bono services to the seniors of Fountain Hills.Larry’s volunteer life has included countless hours of work for his church, his firm and Stephanie’s charitable involvements. Now that he is retired Larry has become involved with the Fountain Hills Chorus and continues to sing with the choir of his church. His other interests are golf and travel.A bit of trivia about Larry? He was on the State Junior Championship Bowling team in Iowa in the early 1960’s.

Jack Berton

As a retired educator, my experiences span across many venues. Retirement, on the other hand, has opened up opportunities to venture out into activities like tennis, travel, bridge and entertainment. (Jack is a member of the Fountain Hills Community Chorus along with fellow bridge player, Larry Haddy.) The number one thing I enjoy doing is driving my Tesla Model 5 every chance I get. Joanne likes me to chauffeur her around – even to Safeway!

Carol Johns

I was born in Dayton, Ohio, but my earliest memories were of Sweetwater, Texas. Two years later we moved to Abilene which was the base for our family for many years. It was a quiet community-three universities and very little industry. I never appreciated the small town atmosphere until I was older. My twenties were very exciting. I was attending the University of Texas and at the front of the tower when Charles Whitman began firing, in Dallas when Kennedy was assasinated and in Chicago when Martin Luther King was murdered and the rioting began. I finally settled in Dallas for the next 38 years. I married, had a son, passed the CPA exam, and life was good. Many of us young people used to play duplicate on Friday nights. Saturdays, we would gather up the kids, go out for breakfast, assemble at one house and play poker.


Later I divorced, reared my son and worked and worked. I continued to play duplicate bridge and played in a money game on Saturday mornings (my favorite game.) It was during this time that I developed my love of opera, the dallas symphony, and traveling. I had many good friends – and we made trips to Las Vegas twice a year when it was fun!


In 2008, I decided to retire and, after being exposed to the beautiful state of Arizona, I settled in Scottsdale. I am so glad that I did.


A bit of trivia about Carol? She had a huge crush on Roger Staubach!!

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